Load your videos

Loading your videos via iTunes file sharing is simple, but can be tricky to find the first time.

Follow these steps to locate GoVJ in iTunes and add your files:

Open iTunes and connect your iOS device

Click the icon of your device

Select the app section

Click “Apps” from the left hand side.

Scroll to File Sharing

Scroll down the right hand side panel, until you find “File sharing”

Select GoVJ

Select GoVJ from the list of apps.

Press the “Add” button at the bottom right to add your videos into GoVJ, or drag your files into the right-hand side.

Files added will now appear in GoVJ, under “Documents Folder”, when adding videos to your current collection.

Bonus feature!

If you drag/drop whole folders, they will be visible as folders under “Documents Folder” that you can click into.

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