Preparing Content

We recommend using Adobe Media Encoder for encoding existing video content for GoVJ. It provides easy options for batch converting video media.

Adobe Media Encoder is currently free for Mac OS X or Windows, for anyone with an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Go to to set up a Creative Cloud account, and install the software.

Once you have done this, follow these instructions to encode any existing video files for GoVJ:

Open Adobe Media Encoder

Press the plus icon to add your videos to it’s list.

Select an H264 preset.

We recommend 720p, at 29.97FPS for iPhone 5/iPad4 onwards. For older devices (iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/3 or iPad mini), we recommend selecting a lower resolution such as SD 720×576 for better performance.

Right click and select “Preset Settings”

Create your own “No Audio” version of the preset

Add “No Audio” to the preset’s name, and uncheck the box marked “Export Audio”. Running videos without audio components speeds up load times on the iPhone when using them in GoVJ.

Add your “No Audio” preset to the videos in your queue

Drag your preset from the presets list, to the preset of videos in your queue.

Render your video queue to export your videos

Press “Start Queue” from the file menu to start your videos exporting into H264 format.


You should now be able to add your H264 encoded videos to GoVJ using iTunes File Sharing. Please click here for our guide on how do this!

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