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GoVJ 2, for iPhone® and iPad® from Lightbeam Apps

Imagine the scene - you’re hosting a party or you’re arranging an event, and you want to involve your guests by allowing them to mix the video currently being played across the room.

Welcome to GoVJ.

Turn your Apple iPhone or iPad into a portable video mixer for free!

All you need to do, is connect an Apple AV adapter to output your iPhone/iPad to a projector or a display, otherwise you can use AirPlay to send video over WiFi to an Apple TV.

From here, you can control your video’s playback speed, add and control up to four effects, and choose from a selection of different blending types.

The app has a streamlined UI that enables users to keep their video mix going for as long as they wish. GoVJ enables anyone to become a Video DJ, without having to learn how to become a DJ at all!

2.0 - July 2022

This update brings a UI rebuilt from the ground up, showcasing a 4x4 grid of buttons for triggering media, thanks to an updated video mixing engine using Apple's latest APIs, alongside full support for images.

The app is free to install for everyone, with a monthly or annual subscription to unlock full functionality.

Note for version 1 users: if anyone paid previously to unlock pro features in version 1, they receive version 2's extended features for no extra charge as a special thank you for their support.

GoVJ Features

Smooth two channel A-B mixing

Real-Time video effects, with responsive controls

2 effects (1 per channel)

A choice of different blend modes

Video speed controls

Full screen output to AirPlay or AV Adapter

16 media slots

Premium Features

Watermark removal

8 effects at once (4 on each channel)

80 media slots (5x more!)

Promotional Video

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GoVJ is available via the App Store worldwide as a free download, with monthly and annual subscriptions to unlock all features, and a lifetime purchase option too.

Pricing starts at $1.49 USD monthly, $9.99 USD annual subscription, with a lifetime price of $49.99 USD.

GoVJ is designed for iPhone and iPad. GoVJ requires iOS 15 or newer.

Download here

Additional Information

A limited number of Promotional Codes are available to members of the media. Journalists interested in receiving one should contact David Wood, Owner – (Contact Here)

Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download from here:

About Lightbeam Apps

Lightbeam Apps is the New Zealand based software development company of David Gary Wood.