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Run the visuals for your show

From the palm of your hand

GoVJ allows you to run your live visual mix, straight from your iPhone or iPad.

Easy to use UI keeps you in control

Slide all the things

Control every effect in real-time, with a dynamic UI that adapts to the effect you're using.

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App screenshot

Load your own video content

Straight into the mix

Engineered to be fast, responsive and efficient. Create folders for all of your content, so you have everything right at your finger-tips.

Live input from camera

... and NDI

Use your device's cameras. Use NDI networked inputs. Connect an external camera via USB on iPad. GoVJ makes all manner of connectivity possible.

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2 channels of video, 4 effects
Chain up to 4 effects on each channel
MIDI Control
MIDI controller support, so you can control your mix exactly how you want
Get the most out of your hardware
Using the latest in Apple technologies, GoVJ lets you harness the true power of your iPhone or iPad in every mix
And Too Many Features to List!
    • UI themes, to make the interface your own
    • Load up to 80 videos
    • Premium Demo content to get your mix started
    • And much more...
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    Expertly crafted

    With ❤️ from 🇳🇿

    GoVJ is developed by David Wood, in Aotearoa. David loves making real-time video tools, that anyone can use.